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Emily Lambert

Emily Lambert

Senior Research Analyst

Independent Out of the Box Thinker

The book she should write: “How to Speak So They’ll Listen”
Absolutely loves: Spending time on the water and hiking
Could live without:
Desserts without chocolate
Been with Baldwin: 2015
A few details: President of BASIC (Building a Sustainable Investment Community), which connects more than a thousand individuals interested in sustainable investing through monthly educational and networking events

Emily is a Senior Research Analyst at Baldwin Brothers. As a member of Baldwin Brothers’ investment team, she meaningfully contributes to the firm’s investment policy, macroeconomic outlook and investment strategies. Emily is likewise integral to Baldwin’s equity strategy performing equity research and creating ESG thought leadership . Emily joined Baldwin Brothers in 2015. Previously, she worked at Sustainalytics, a sustainable investment research firm. Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College.

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