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Opening access to private market investments that target non-correlated competitive returns.

We take pride in the level of due diligence and service we bring to all our clients’ private holdings. Based on our long track record in the private investment space, we bring a deep bench of knowledge to the table. We work with our clients to understand their private assets, all which have uniquely idiosyncratic characteristics from private businesses or private funds to private land deals.

Impact Investing:

Private Investments Designed to Unlock Environmental or Social Solutions

Across the world there is increasing interest in Impact Investing. There are many different definitions for what “impact” really means. We regard impact investing as directing private investments where its intention is to generate beneficial social or environmental impact — along with financial returns.

Impact Investing Global Drivers:

Enterprises that look further ahead and embrace social and environmental constraints and opportunities will, in the long run, outperform those that favor the status quo.

No matter how you define Impact Investing, there is wide agreement that certain global drivers are propelling it into the spotlight – population growth, competition for resources and climate change.

Impact Investing Growing Around the World

Source: GIIN


To meet the demand for private market investments, we form strategic partnerships with leading managers. One example is our partnership with New Summit Investments, a leading private impact investment firm. New Summit’s mission is to efficiently open access and channel capital to investments that target positive social and environmental outcomes while seeking competitive financial returns. We stand behind their strong belief that an increasingly connected and interdependent world will reward enterprises that focus on building a just economy in balance with natural systems.

More about our partners

Started as a 50/50 partnership between SEC registered investment advisors Baldwin Brothers and Arjuna Capital, New Summit Investments manages two leading private impact investment funds:

Impact Through Private Short Term Fixed Income

The Income and Impact Fund is a high impact private short term debt fund holding a diversified portfolio of private investment notes and debt funds that pay competitive yields, while capitalizing entities that have targeted, direct and positive impact.

Impact Through Private Equity and Real Assets

The New Summit Impact Fund is a high impact private equity and real asset fund holding a diversified portfolio of top-tier impact managers that target both high impact and return.The fund strategy is to create a diversified portfolio of private funds and investments targeting profitable, solution-oriented enterprises with measurable environmental and societal impact.

Through our deep financial networks, we have access to numerous private investment opportunities. These private investments can be direct deals or structured through trusted partnerships. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives to determine if private investments fit with their long-term financial goals and values.

Download our fact sheet below to learn more about private market investments.

Private Investments Impact
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