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Top Down Thematic Approach

Thorough research backs our independent approach to investing. We draw our investment ideas from our own research as well as from analysts, economists and business contacts. We begin the investment process by analyzing trends which may profoundly affect certain industries: demographics, technology, consolidation, globalization, etc. We then look for opportunities, and the companies and/or investment vehicles within them with unrecognized potential, that will eventually attract the attention of the marketplace and develop a growing following of investors. Thematic ideas can also flow from our in- house bottom up analysis.

Bottom Up Due Diligence

Once we have selected an industry group, we then identify and invest in leading, select companies and investment vehicles – looking for exceptional management, effective and efficient operations, clear product innovation, a distinct competitive edge, a strong market position, excellent financial characteristics and consistent growth in revenues and earnings.

Years of Experience
Leads to Rigorous Research
& Depth of Analysis

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

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