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A Very Personal Approach

Our highly individualized approach to investment management gives our clients unmatched flexibility. Some clients seek current high income. Some prefer to maximize capital appreciation. Many seek a balanced approach, and still others are driven to invest by their values and ethical considerations. Unlike many larger firms, trust departments and banks, Baldwin Brothers structures individual portfolios and financial planning to address your priorities, risk tolerance, and tax situation.

It Starts with You

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

An Informed Perspective

Our Philosophy is based on our long history of understanding markets, trends and the supporting fundamental criteria. We aim to simplify an increasingly complex world and begin by identifying national and global conditions and events that affect the relative value of financial instruments. Armed with this broad base of information, we craft investment strategies with the clients’ perspectives and goals. Our investment decisions are made with a long-term perspective in mind. We are unwilling to risk our clients’ money on mere speculation. Based upon our long experience and independence with extremely careful analysis, we search out companies and investment vehicles as partners for our clients’ portfolios.

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