Anticipating Watershed Moments & Sustaining Growth

Since 1974, Baldwin Brothers has pioneered innovative investment solutions for influential individuals, families and institutions around the world. With assets under management in excess of $800 million, Baldwin Brothers anticipates and identifies watershed movements, shifts and shake ups in our culture and world, and creates ingenious portfolios and funds that present significant, relevant opportunity for sustainable performance.

Our ground breaking study on Socially Responsible Investing, done in concert with Paul Hawken and The Natural Capital Institute (NCI), redefines industry standards for social responsibility and elevates the qualifying criteria to drive growth in solutions that most deeply affect humanity, the environment and the planet.

Based on sound financial analysis, our investment strategy has one overriding aim: to provide an optimal return and sustainable growth for our clients’ assets in relation to their financial goals. We adopt a highly personalized approach to managing assets according to individual needs.